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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

10 Pop Culture Food and Drink Trivia Questions

What popular cereal was created by Clayton Rindlisbacher for the Kellogg Company in 1928?
Rice Krispies

What is the best-selling brand of vodka in the United States?

What soft drink did Dr. John Pemberton invent in 1886?
Coca - Cola

In the song Scarborough Fair, which two herbs go with 'Parsley & Sage'?
Rosemary and Thyme

The name of which popular soft drink was inspired by a common nickname for moonshine?
Mountain Dew 

In what decade did Stouffers launch its Lean Cuisine brand of frozen meals?

Multiple Choice: What was the original color of Peeps marshmallow candies?
White   Yellow   Pink   Blue

Which cocktail is made of gin, lemon juice, sugar and soda water?
Tom Collins

What beer is named after one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence?
Sam Adams

What Hostess product is the best selling snack cake in history?

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